What will get me on the Bounty Hunter Terminal as a Jedi? Edit

Jedi are slaughtered mercilessly by the Empire and its Bounty Hunters. You must keep a low profile to stay off the radar. Below you will find a list of actions that will certainly get you noticed.

  • Equipping Jedi items in sight of a player or a non combatant NPC.
  • Using force powers in sight of a player or a non combatant NPC.
  • Being in a combat state with a lightsaber in sight of a player or a non combatant NPC.

Keep in mind, that if you perform any of the above actions in sight of multiple players or npcs, the Visibility increase will count for each one that sees you. (ex. Five see you, visibility increases 5x.)

Once you reach a certain threshold of visibility, your mission will be able to be picked up by player Bounty Hunters.


  • Visibility will not increase if you are grouped with the player who sees you.
  • Sight is defined as 32 meters as it was on Live.

How do I get myself off the terminal as a Jedi? Edit

Jedi bounty missions are removed from the Bounty Hunter Terminal upon mission completion (death) or by allowing their visibility to decay naturally over time.

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